Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My enemy the spa

We have a few pending issues at hand that seem to be flowing straight from my mind at 12:26am into this blog. Who knows whether I should post them, and whether or not they are even the slightest hint understandable (knowing me, the answer is probably no). But as I have discovered, I'm my own worst enemy sometimes, and need to get rid of at least a fraction of this upbuilt desire to explode.

Well, let me warn you all. Spas are incredibly dangerous and a recipe for potential complication. Oh yes, they may look alluring to the unprotected eye. But there is a possibility of a hidden trap. I'm not denying they include much fun and exciteable bubbles. I mean the fun is endless. There are bubbles. There is moving water. There is bare skin. Laughter keeps it all rolling along. It's a magnificant time to be had by all. If, however, you want to bring a level of personal responsiblity and dignity into the picture, it can begin to shake up the ideals that were once set in your mind. The wrinkly skin clouds the mind. The steam rises up & beyond expectations. I shall not say any more, but let's just say...the warning stands.

And just like that, I don't want to say any more. I'm over my head & heart constantly fighting. To be honest, I don't know how to stop it. But it's taking up everything I have left to yell at them. Every day. Every thought I have. It's constant. So I shall push on, let them fight all they want, and not interfere. It does seem easier that way.

Also, closing thought: Beautiful Turkish rugs mixed with a good book, hot chocolate and intense warth. Winter warmer for you all. It'll make your day.

Till we meet again...

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